Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal Treatments at Ravenscourt Dental Practice

Decay and infection are common causes of tooth damage, and can have devastating consequences if left untreated.

When infection spreads to the blood or nerve supply to the tooth, it travels to the root canal system, leading to dental pain and tooth loss.

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure used to remove the infected root and save a damaged tooth.

Is root canal treatment always the best option?

When the root canal becomes infected there are two options available for patients – extraction or root canal treatment.

While there are many excellent solutions for tooth loss such as an implant, a fixed bridge or removable denture, we would always recommend keeping the original tooth whenever possible.

Root canal treatment is generally very effective, a treated tooth can last for a lifetime .

However it is common for the tooth to need some additional reinforcement, usually in the form of a crown but this varies from case-to-case.

Is root canal treatment expensive?

Root canal treatment is the preferred option for most patients as it allows them to keep their natural tooth and is usually more cost-effective compared with extraction or an implant or bridge.  

Who can carry out a root canal treatment?

Depending on your case, your treatment can be carried out by our dentist who is qualified in root canal work. However if you have a particularly complex case we may refer you to a specialist endodontist who only carries out root canal treatment.

Does root canal treatment hurt?

In most cases root canal treatment causes very little pain. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic and the area may be a little tender for a few days. If you need additional pain relief, this is something you dental practitioner can provide.

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