Inlays Before & After

Inlays - Cases of Inlay treatment with photo's of before and after

Although this patient has very healthy and strong teeth, he has been clenching and grinding his teeth for some period of time. Due to biting on something hard, the weakened tooth (pictured) gave way. The clinical concern was a need for a material strong enough to resist further breakup - for which a porcelain inlay was chosen. 

James Butterwick Before
James Butterwick After

This lady had a very old amalgam filling which she wanted removed, as she was worried it was showing when she smiled.  Cracks were evident in the tooth from grinding and clenching. Due to this, bits of the teeth that were weak came off during the removal of the filling, which resulted in a need for a larger area to be filled and restored with a strong material. The treatment was finished in one sitting and the patient was delighted that, when she smiled, the dark areas were gone as well as the tooth strengthened.

Cathleen Svensson Before
Cathleen Svensson After

This patient had a tooth with a longstanding old silver filling. Clenching and grinding was also a problem for him – leading to a crack in the filling, allowing plaque underneath it. A porcelain inlay was chosen to fix this. Within a period of two hours he walked away with a filling in his mouth, delighted that he did not have to have a temporary filling that would need to be taken out again.

Jason Crosby Before
Jason Crosby After