Jaw Disorders

More about jaw disorders

Dental pain is often solely associated with teeth and gums but jaw disorders can be equally as painful and debilitating.

The number of people needing treatment for jaw pain, headaches and earaches is rapidly increasing due to our ever more stressful lives.

This day-to-day stress can manifest in damaging coping behaviours such as the grinding and clenching of teeth and the jaw, resulting in dental pain.

What are jaw disorders?

TMJ (tempro mandibular joint) disorder is the term to describe many symptoms relating to jaw pain including clicking in the jaw, headaches, restricted jaw movement, facial pain, grinding or broken teeth and uneven surface on the inside of the cheek.

Are they treatable?

The good news is that these conditions are easily manageable if they are identified early.

At every examination our specialist team will check that your jaw joints are healthy and check to see if there are any signs of tooth or joint damage from any clenching or grinding.

Treatments for these issues can be as simple as having you fitted for a nightguard to ensure the jaw stays relaxed while you sleep.  

While our holistic approach means we do not just treat the jaw, we also locate the factors causing your stress and alleviate them using our calming remedies to reduce the likelihood of future problems.

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