The Benefits of Air-Flow

Air-flow is one of the most advanced cleaning systems available – you can achieve a sparkling smile with Air-flow!

Swiss precision and design combine with the latest in high tech materials to remove stains and plaque from the tooth surface, which normal cleaning cannot remove.

You can request Air-flow when you book your clean with either the hygienist or dentist. The treatment is incorporated into a clean appointment.

Why do we use this?

Data suggests that Air-flow polishing is extremely effective at removing “Bio film”. “Bio film” is a layer found on the teeth, it is rich in debris and bacteria, and therefore plaque and tartar can readily form on it.

The Air-flow polish can be directed between teeth, therefore cleaning areas that are inaccessible to conventional cleaning, particularly on the front teeth.

How does it work?

A clever unit forces the salt & lemon powder out of the nozzle with a mixture of air and water.

The result is a jet that is tough on stains, gentle to teeth and effective at removing plaque, as well as stains on the tooth surface like coffee, tea, tobacco and more.

The Results

We think the pictures below will show you how effective Air-flow can be!


You can also check out this before and after case!

How will it Feel?

It tastes like a cocktail of salt and lemons, and the jet spray leaves your mouth feeling refreshed, clean and sparkling.

Do you have some stains on your teeth you would like to remove? We are sure we can help!

Speak to our receptionist about Air-flow, 020 8748 4023 or [email protected].