Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures London

Partial Dentures 

While a complete denture is used for significant tooth loss, a partial denture is an ideal way for people to fill any gaps created by the loss of one or more teeth.  

Dentures provide a cost-effective way for people to live a normal life again, helping you do all of the things you could before while also looking younger with a healthy, natural-looking smile.

Partial dentures are also an alternative to implants or bridges and are often used as an interim procedure before and during implant treatment.

They can transform the lives of patients allowing them to do the everyday things we take for granted such as eating and speaking. They are also effective for protecting face shape and reducing gum disease.

What are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are false teeth made from porcelain, hard resin, and plastic that slots in perfectly in between gaps left by missing natural teeth. 

They are secured in the mouth by holding onto the remaining adjacent teeth with a metal frame and clasp system. The clasps do not cause any damage or harm to the remaining natural teeth. 

Types of Partial Dentures 

There are several variations of partial dentures available out there, all of which work using the same basic principle - false teeth being held in place by the neighbouring natural teeth.

Cast Metal Dentures 

This type of dental denture has a thin metal strip that acts as a frame to keep the artificial tooth or teeth in position. The metal is camouflaged with gum-coloured resin so that it cannot be seen when you smile. 

If tooth replacement is required at the front of the mouth, the clasps that allow the framework to anchor to an adjacent natural tooth may be visible. 

Flexible Dentures 

These types of temporary dentures are made out of synthetic materials such as nylon. They are slipped into the oral cavity and fitted into place by a dental surgeon. They are extremely comfortable to wear due to their thin and lightweight structure. 

This is one of the main reasons why flexible dentures are the most prevalent among young people. They are a very popular choice for younger patients who do not want any visible metal objects inside their mouths. Flexible dentures are removable, but it is not advisable to remove them regularly as it causes them to lose shape.

Dental Flippers 

These dental dentures are single tooth prosthetics used temporarily during a dental procedure such as an implant. Flippers have an artificial palate that is securely attached to the molars with hooks to secure it in place. 

They are quite uncomfortable to wear but are very aesthetically pleasing. They are the least expensive option as they are made out of acrylic, but should not be worn for more than a few months. 

Our expert team conducts a detailed examination of all our patients and will help you decide on the best treatment plan for you.

Partial Dentures Cost in the UK

The cost of dental dentures varies widely in the UK for up-to-date price for partial dentures at Ravenscourt Dental Practice please see our fees page. The price increases if you are replacing more than one tooth, but not by a hugely significant amount. 

We can discuss payment plans and various options with you to accommodate your budget while helping you achieve the smile you deserve. 

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