TMD – Teeth Grinding

TMD disorder is a condition involving pain or tenderness in the muscles and or the joint that control jaw movement.  The pain can sometimes be felt beyond these areas. This includes jaw pain, jaw popping or clicking, or pain in the face, eyes, neck, head and pain when you chew or open wide.

Cerezen is a unique, pioneering medical treatment that effectively treats TMD (Temporomandibular Disorders) and associated symptoms such as Teeth Grinding, Jaw Pain, Jaw Clenching and Tension Headaches. Clinically effective, safe to use, they are custom-made, discreet, hollow inserts, worn in the ears and can be worn day and night.



How does it help with TMD?

The Cerezen device acts in a unique way to treat the symptoms associated with TMD:

  • firstly the device acts to provide biofeedback to the chewing muscular system
  • While you are wearing your customised Cerezen device, the ear canal shape changes to that usually presented in an open jaw position
  • This provides subtle feedback to break the cycle of clenching and grinding and encourages you to relax your jaw
  • It reduces pressure and strain on the jaw joint.  Therefore alleviating many of the TMD symptoms you may be experiencing, such as jaw pain, clenching and grinding

It is believed the device provides physical support for the temporomandibular joint when worn.  Evidence of this physical support was that many patients who were experiencing popping and grating of the jaw felt an immediate reduction in these symptoms.

How is it made?