Atypical Pain London

Atypical Dental Pain London 

Whenever any patient is experiencing dental pain, your dental practitioner will conduct a thorough examination of the teeth, gums and jaw.

Usually, the dentist will locate the source of the pain during his examination and recommend a treatment plan to overcome the issue.

However there are some occasions when a patient can be in pain but no obvious cause can be found, this is called atypical dental pain.

Our holistic approach to dentistry means we will look more than just your teeth and gums, we will also review stress factors and access how we can help to lower them.

On many occasions, this can reduce pain and allow people to live their normal lives again.

If the patient is still suffering from unexplained dental pain we will refer him to a medical specialist or a complementary health therapist to ensure every effort is made to help them live a pain-free life.

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