Diabetes and Dental Health

Did you know that diabetes has a serious impact on dental health?  We are going to explore the problems that can arise in the mouth and how a dentist can help someone with diabetes. There is a plethora of advice on diet, exercise and complementary therapies that may help someone with diabetes control the disease…
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Kids in charge!

WHAT MAKES OUR WEEK WORTHWHILE? -INSPIRING STORIES ABOUT SOME OF THE WONDERFUL PATIENTS WE HELP.... The latest patient who has earned the accolade of making our Week Worthwhile is a young seven-year-old girl. She came to us with her parents for a second opinion, as she had originally seen a specialist children’s dentist who gave…
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Brave Children

WHAT MAKES OUR WEEK WORTHWHILE? -Inspiring stories about some of the wonderful patients we help.... When a lovely 4 year old boy came for his check up we noticed a bit of decay had started and he needed two fillings. We believe in helping children develop a positive relationship with the dentist, so we follow…
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Empowering Patients To Take Charge of Their Oral Health

WHAT MAKES OUR WEEK WORTHWHILE? -Inspiring little stories about some of the wonderful patients we help.... A patient first came to see Dr Batavia around 3 years ago. She was in her 40’s and was suffering from several dental problems including; severe decay, gum problems, and clenching. We quickly noticed that some of her fillings…
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