Living With Sensitive Teeth: The Causes

Do you struggle with the ongoing pain of sensitive teeth? Are you unsure of how and why your sensitive teeth have become such an issue? No one should be forced to live with pain and discomfort, no matter where the problem lies. It can certainly be disheartening when you suffer from severe tooth sensitivity despite…
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Teeth whitening when pregnant: Is it safe?

A brighter smile is something that many people dream of. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want whiter teeth? From making improvements to your oral hygiene routine to visiting your hygienist more regularly, there are many ways we can improve the shade of our teeth. However, some methods may not be suitable for everyone – like…
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How long does a root canal last?

Are you experiencing extreme tooth sensitivity or excruciating toothache when chewing or otherwise putting pressure on your teeth? Maybe you’ve got a chip or crack in your tooth, or swollen and tender gums? You might need a root canal. For many of us – especially those of us who suffer from dental anxiety – getting…
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Invisalign when pregnant: Everything you need to know

Invisalign is a relatively new and revolutionary orthodontic treatment, which allows patients to straighten their smiles with a series of clear removable aligners. Many patients – mostly adults – seeking orthodontic treatment are starting to favour Invisalign over traditional braces, as they’re much more convenient, comfortable, and hygienic. If you’re currently pregnant – or trying…
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Invisalign vs Veneers: Which is right for you?

Invisalign vs veneers. It’s a question many people with crooked, gapped or overcrowded teeth ask themselves. These are more than just cosmetic issues, and, not only can they have a huge impact on our self-esteem, but they can also affect the way we eat – making it difficult to chew properly – and even more…
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