Children’s Dental Treatments

holistic approach to treating children Children's Dental Treatments at Ravenscourt Dental 

It is never too early for your children to start developing good dental hygiene habits.

At Ravenscourt Dental Practice we provide a safe and positive dental experience takingmotivating children to look after teeth into account child’s needs, helping them achieve a healthy smile for life.

Children's Dental Treatments. How are we different from other practices?

We believe it is vital for both parents and children to take an active role in dental hygiene routines.

Our ethos is to empower children by having a professional relationship with them from an early age, encouraging them to have direct input into their own care, whilst keeping parents in the loop.

Your family dental practitioner will work alongside you and your child to teach them the best way to clean their teeth, educate them on diet and set oral health targets.  

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What are the benefits for your children?

We treat children with respect and get them to take an interest in their own dental care, encouraging questions and offering praise to ensure good habits continue.

By building good hygiene practices from an early age, we can help children avoid the trauma and pain associated with dental treatment.  

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And when treatment is necessary, we use our holistic approach, to minimise pain and discomfort, so children do not associate the dentist with a negative experience.

Is this cost-effective for my whole family?

Our dentists pride themselves on making children feel safe and secure to encourage even the shyest child to take an interest in their dental health.

Because we are able to build a positive relationship from an early age, we can help children keep teeth healthy – reducing the need for expensive dental treatment later in life.   

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Would you like your child to develop good habits from an early age? Do you have any concerns about your child’s dental health?  Or is it simply time your children met the dentist? Feel free to call us on 020 8748 4023, or email us [email protected].