Dental Hygienist Services in London

How can a hygienist help me?

Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss in adults but it can be avoided with the right oral health routine.

While most people understand the importance of regular trips to the dentist, many of us are still unaware of the benefits of seeing a dental hygienist.  

What does a dental hygienist do?

Dental hygienists provide a range of hygienist services and play a vital role in preventative dentistry, helping people to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

At each appointment, your hygienist will give you an oral health examination to look for any inflammation, bleeding and plaque or calculus build up.

After the initial examination, your hygienist will use scaling and polishing techniques to remove plaque and tartar you have not been able to clean yourself, to leave your mouth looking and feeling better.

Can a hygienist improve how I clean my teeth?

Your hygienist will offer you advice on how to improve your oral hygiene at home by offering tips on flossing and brushing techniques and how your diet can stain your teeth.

These preventative measures ensure you stop any potential dental issues before they begin.  Your children can also benefit from seeing the hygienist as they will learn good brushing techniques from an early age.

Our hygienist can also solve any problems you may have with bad breath by providing a deep clean of the mouth and using our unique salt and lemon stain removal spray (Air-flow).

Dental Hygienist FAQs

Having your teeth and gums thoroughly cleaned can take a while, as your dental hygienist will be giving you a thorough examination to look for signs of gum disease or other issues at the same time. Typically, you can expect an appointment with a dental hygienist in London to last up to 40 minutes – but it’s worth bearing in mind that this time can differ, depending on what you’re having done.
Although a dental hygiene appointment shouldn’t cause you any pain, there are some factors that can lead to mild pain or discomfort, including:
  • Inflamed or sensitive gums
  • Tooth decay
  • Bleeding gums Tooth sensitivity The most common type of dental hygienist appointment involves a procedure called a scale and polish. During this, your dental hygienist will scrape away any build-up of plaque or tartar, as well as remove the hardened plaque. They will then go around your mouth, polishing the surface of your now clean teeth. The only reason you may feel any sort of pain during this is if you have any of the issues mentioned above, but if you’re suffering, make sure you speak with your hygienist who will be able to help.
    Yes, a dental hygienist can work with you to whiten your teeth. Whether it’s whitening your smile through thoroughly cleaning or by performing the treatment in our dental clinic, you can have this sort of treatment carried out by one of our dental hygienists in London.
    Plaque build-up happens to everyone, and even the most thorough oral hygiene routine will result in some plaque gathering in areas that can’t be reached with a toothbrush and floss. With that in mind, we always advise patients to visit our dental hygienist twice a year, every six months. This will help to keep on top of any issues that are building up and will help keep gum disease at bay. To make it simple and so you don’t forget, why not schedule your routine check-up for the same time as your hygienist appointment? That way you can get both done in one visit!

    Would you like to know more about the benefits of visiting a hygienist? If so, contact Ravenscourt Dental Practice now on 020 8748 4023 or email: [email protected]