Nervous Patients

Lady who is nervous of the dentist Do you feel Nervous about seeing the Dentist?

Many patients get a little nervous before a trip to the dentist but for some people that slight apprehension can become a crippling fear.

This phobia can grow so severe that some people will avoid the dentist altogether, leading to devastating long-term issues with their teeth and gums.

At Ravenscourt Dental Practice we work hard at understanding what makes a person anxious and by helping them to overcome this, we aim to make all our patients feel comfortable, relaxed and secure.

How we can help Nervous Patients   

We believe it is important to establish a professional relationship with all of our patients so that we can identify the causes of anxiety.  This enables us to provide a step-by-step plan detailing exactly what is needed to improve their oral health.

We give our patients the knowledge and skills they need to understand how they will benefit from each treatment we recommend, while also explaining the best techniques to keep anxiety at a minimum.

Our belief is that by putting the patient in charge of their treatment we can help them manage and overcome any fears they may have whilst also offering practical solutions.

If you have had a bad experience in the past, please don’t be put off seeking the help you need to keep your mouth healthy – there is always another way!

Would it help you to speak with one of our re-assuring dental team?  To find out how we can help contact Ravenscourt Dental Practice on 020 8748 4023 or email: