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In this section, Dental Professionals can find the latest works and research that have been published by our own specialists, including links to view and buy.

Journal of Clinical Periodontology

A retrospective study on periodontal disease progression in private practice. By Specialist Periodontist Dr Luigi Nibali available here.

This paper shows that when patients with chronic periodontitis attend regular maintenance visits with hygienist and periodontist care in a private practice, the risk of tooth loss is very limited. It highlights the effectiveness of periodontal are in reducing risk of tooth loss. 

Luigi Book Cover

“The Human Microbiota and Human Chronic Disease” by Dr Luigi Nibali, edited by Brian Henderson, discusses the role of the microbiota in maintaining human health.

Dr Luigi Nibali, our Specialist Periodontist has published “The Human Microbiota and Human Chronic Disease” in conjunction with Brian Henderson. Dr Nibali is a Senior Clinical Lecturer in the Clinical Oral Research Centre, Institute of Dentistry, Queen Mary University London UK. Please click the image of book below to find out more and to buy.

Journal of Clinical Periodontology

A study Published in Journal Clinical Periodontology.

This paper is the first to produce evidence that minimally-invasive non-surgical therapy (MINST) gives rise to bone regeneration (as seen radiographically) by Specialist Periodontist Dr Luigi Nibali available here.


US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

A link to all papers by Specialist Periodontist Dr Luigi Nibali on PubMed is available here.

Furcation Involved Teeth

Specialist Periodontist Dr Luigi Nibali releases his new book “Diagnosis and Treatment of Furcation-Involved Teeth” here.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Furcation-Involved Teeth offers dental professionals a comprehensive review of the aetiology and diagnosis of furcation defects, including treatment options. Written by world-renowned specialists in periodontics, this important text provides proven, evidence-based treatment algorithms and reviews the effectiveness of new
technologies for the treatment of furcation-involved teeth.

This invaluable guide:

  • Provides a practical manual for the successful diagnosis and treatment of a therapeutic challenge for general
    dentists and periodontists
  • Presents illustrative photographs of clinical cases and procedures
  • Offers a helpful chapter on patient-reported outcomes
  • Includes a companion website with video clips and case studies

Written for periodontists but also for general dental practitioners, endodontists, hygienists, dental students and restorative dentists, Diagnosis and Treatment of Furcation- Involved Teeth covers the most recent developments in the field from a panel of international experts.