Facial Nerve Pain

Facial Nerve Pain

Trigeminal neuralgia is a rare facial disorder that causes sudden but extreme stabbing pains in one area of the face which come and go in painful attacks.

Facial Nerve pain

The condition affects the trigeminal nerve and affects only about eight in every 100,000 people.  While the condition is rare it is very debilitating for those affected, with severe facial and dental pain usually arriving in short, multiple bursts which can be provoked by a light touch of the face.

The pain is felt in at least one of the branches of the trigeminal nerve, which include the lower jaw, upper jaw, cheek, eye and forehead however the causes of the condition are currently unknown.

Before diagnosing trigeminal neuralgia it is important for your dentists to rule out any other potential causes for your facial pain.

If they believe you have developed trigeminal neuralgia, your dentist will refer you to a specialist to help you manage and control the condition.

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