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Tongue cleanersProfessional Tongue Cleaning at Ravenscourt Dental Practice

Everybody wants to have a clean, healthy mouth and fresh breath but not everybody knows that brushing and flossing alone are not enough.

Dentists now recognise that tongue cleaning should be a part of everyone’s oral hygiene routine.

The tongue carries a lot of dead cells where sulphur compounds producing plaque can get trapped and cause bad breath.

Correctly cleaning the tongue reduces the number of sulphur compounds in the mouth by removing dead cells and bacteria from the tongue, giving you cleaner, fresher breath.

By removing the plaque and bacteria from your tongue you will also improve the health of your entire mouth, dramatically reducing plaque and lessening the chance of developing tooth decay or gum problems.

Cleaning your tongue is a simple process, you can use a purpose-made ‘tongue cleaner’ or you can buy a toothbrush with a specially designed cleaner for the tongue on the back.

Our expert hygienist and dentist will show you the best methods for keeping your teeth, gums and tongue clean and healthy, devising the best oral health strategy for you.

What are the benefits of opting for professional tongue cleaning?

Whilst using a brush can be an effective way to keep your tongue clean, there are several benefits to opting for a professional tongue cleaner, which is certainly worth considering if you want the cleanest mouth you can get. Some of the most obvious benefits include:

  • Long-lasting nature – The tongue cleaners we provide here are made of durable materials and are designed to last. That means you shouldn’t need to repurchase one for several years.
  • Easy to clean – in order to get the desired results from your tongue cleaner, it needs to be clean and sanitised in the first place. Tongue scrapers are designed to be easily cleaned, helping you to keep your mouth as clean as possible too.
  • They’re safe – if you’re thinking of making your own tongue scraper to save money, it may be best to think again. Whilst some DIY tongue cleaners may work, they may not always be safe, and too much abrasion on the tongue could be harmful. Professional tongue-cleaning devices are safe and effective.

So, if you’re thinking of investing in a tongue cleaner, consider going for a professional solution.

Tongue Cleaning FAQs

There are a few different ways that you can choose to clean your tongue, but all are simple and affordable and will work to rid your tongue of harmful plaque and bacteria. The most popular ways to clean your tongue include: Using a toothbrush – many toothbrushes come with a specially designed back so that once you’ve brushed your teeth, you can simply flip your toothbrush upside down and clean your tongue quickly and effectively. Using a tongue scraper – these tools are simple, cheap and super effective for cleaning your tongue. They simply glide over the surface of the tongue, scraping away any layers of bacteria and leaving behind a clean tongue. Antiseptic mouthwash – although this isn’t as effective as using a tool to remove the bacteria from the tongue, some antiseptic mouthwash products can be helpful in addition to any of the above methods to ensure your mouth is as clean as possible. If you’re unsure of the best way to clean your tongue, you can reach out to a member of our team who’d be more than happy to help.
Yes! Your mouth is full of both good and bad bacteria, but if you never cleaned your mouth, that bad bacteria would eventually wreak havoc on the overall health of your teeth and gums. Aside from the bad breath that a build-up of bacteria can lead to, dead cells, food debris and a build-up of plaque can lead to more serious problems. To avoid this and maintain a healthy mouth, it’s important that you brush, floss and clean your tongue daily as well as drink plenty of water. By keeping your mouth hydrated, you ensure that not as much bacteria is trapped on your tongue. This can wear down the tongue and bring up lots of layers of dead skin.
If you have neglected your oral health for some time, you may notice a build-up of a white substance along the sides and surface of your tongue. This happens when debris, bacteria and dead cells become lodged in the swollen papillae (the little bumps on the top of your tongue). ‘White tongue’ can be treated by drinking more water, brushing your teeth and tongue regularly and using fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash.
There’s no harm in using a very small amount of toothpaste to clean the surface of your tongue and using a brush to remove any build-up, before rinsing thoroughly with water. Remember to only ever use gentle pressure when cleaning your tongue.

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