Dr Luigi Nibali

luigi nibali

Specialist In Periodontics: DR LUIGI NIBALI

QUALIFICATIONS: MSc Perio Lond 2006, Dip Dent Catania 2001

Professor Luigi Nibali is an award-winning specialist periodontist who has been keeping gums healthy and saving teeth for more than 15 years.

Luigi is a Professor of Periodontology/Honorary Consultant at King's College London/Guy's Hospital. He specialises in treating patients with gum disease and the effects it has on the supporting structures and tissues around the teeth.

Luigi qualified in dentistry at the University of Catania in 2001 and was awarded a prestigious fellowship from the Italian Society of Periodontology, the following year.

After moving to the UK in 2002, he has furthered his expertise in the field of periodontology, Luigi took part in research and clinical activities at UCL Eastman Dental Institute, completing his PhD and being awarded an MSc in Periodontology.



Highly sought for his expertise in periodontitis and as a dental professional, Luigi joined Ravenscourt Dental Practice in 2005 and has achieved remarkable results with even the most complex of cases, including aesthetic gum grafts.

He practices an holistic approach with his patients, using minimally invasive techniques, including providing solutions for gum problems prior to implants. He teaches preventative methods to help people achieve the best possible standard of oral health.

He is a registered UK specialist in periodontics and is currently a professor involved in clinical research and postgraduate teaching activities at King's College London. He is also honorary Associate Professor of Periodontology at the University of Hong Kong.

In November 2014, Ravenscourt Dental Practice was “Highly Commended” for the entry to the Private Dentistry Awards, featuring Dr Luigi Nibali’s work at the practice.

Prof Nibali introduces himself to all the patients who may be referred or are looking to see specialist with their gum disease. Prof Nibali explains how he can help.

Introduction to Dental Colleagues

Prof Luigi Nibali introduces himself to all dental colleagues who would like their patient with gum disease to be referred to Prof Nibli. Prof Nibali explains how he can help .


Luigi has published several important papers, books and book chapters. To access some of his work on Periodontology please click here.

Away from dentistry, Luigi enjoys spending time with his family. He is also an avid sports fan and relaxes by reading history books.

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