Many people are now opting to have their amalgam fillings replaced by tooth-coloured composite resins due to personal preferences and also the aesthetic benefits.
The process of amalgam removal needs to be done in a safe and professional manner. We ensure that we follow a safe protocol and each patient is given a thorough initial assessment to decide how best to help them.

Do you need a specific treatment done with great expertise?

This lovely lady said she had "huge amounts of silver fillings in her mouth".  She did thorough research online and decided that she wanted to have them all removed.

At Ravenscourt Dental she found the procedure effortless and not very painful, she was given Rescue Remedy, and stress balls to squeeze.  Along with the nurse's  reassuring hand on her shoulder she felt cared for ad this helped enormously.

All in all all the amalgam removal and replacement with composite fillings was done in 3 appointments.  In her own words "the doctor was fantastic, amazing really!"

Dr Hitesh Batavia is registered with the British Society for Mercury Free Dentistry, you can access their website using the link:

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