Cerec Crowns

State of the art CEREC crowns

Restoring a broken tooth used to be a lengthy and difficult procedure, with the multiple appointments required causing chaos to the schedules of busy people. But there is now another way.

CEREC is an in-surgery computer system that creates a crown from ceramic material that's almost identical to the natural tooth, within hours.

Ravenscourt Dental Cerec Crown Machine

The CEREC system works by firstly taking a digital image of your teeth. The state-of-the-art computer software then designs a bespoke crown to repair the broken tooth. This information is sent to a milling machine to turn the ceramic material into ideal crown for you.

The CEREC crown can be fitted in a single appointment as there is no need for your dentist to wait weeks for a laboratory to make a crown.

This treatment it is ideal for those who need an immediate solution to a broken tooth. It has already rescued many of our patients ahead of job interviews and special occasions such as birthday parties and weddings.

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