Do you think your dental problems will take a long time to solve? If your confidence in dentists has been shaken due to the dental treatment and solutions presented to you in the past, take a look at this patient’s 10 year journey to good dental health.

Confidence and peace of mind on your journey to good dental health.

The patient, first came to us over 10 years ago, having had a series of fairly unsuccessful visits to local dentists when he was younger. As a result he had stayed away from dentists for a number of years.

He came to the practice because he was experiencing frequent ear ache, headaches and having researched various practices on the internet, he felt this would be the right choice for him.

In fact was suffering with TMJ. Once he met the team here, he felt comfortable and so his treatment journey started. It was a long process, but he felt, informed, and supported, and even out of hours he received support and help. Answers were found for him, as a nervous patient, it felt positive and helpful, and 10 years on his TMJ is cured. He does not experience any of the pain, so it has been worth it.

His advice is to have a look at the treatments Ravenscourt offers, and come in to have a chat. We couldn’t say it better ourselves, so please do give us a call on 020 8748 4023 if you are worried about any aspect of your dental health at all.

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