How to enjoy visiting the dentist!

 How to enjoy visiting the Dentist!

A visit to the dentist….enjoyable?! Dentist and enjoyable are two words that don’t normally go together ... however a good dentist will put you at ease, listen carefully and tailor your treatments to help you achieve optimum oral health with the minimum of anxiety.

So how do you get the most out of a visit to the dentist?

Holistic Dentist

At Ravenscourt Dental recognising and dealing with anxiety is a vital aspect of patient care.

This is why the practice works so hard to encourage children to visit the dentist from an early age, so there is a positive approach to oral health which will continue to benefit them throughout their lives.

Dr Hitesh Batavia says “Over the last 27 years, I have learnt that when a patient feels you genuinely want to help them, they start to relax”.

The dental team at Ravenscourt lookout for signs such as a patient’s body language and if it is apparent that someone is feeling uncomfortable about being there, the whole team will make efforts to reassure them.

The aim is to put patients in charge of their oral health, this helps them maintain benefits after treatment and thus prevent further problems.  An added benefit is that their anxiety dissipates over time.

We try to create pleasant Sights, Sounds and Smells: The waft of lavender essential oil from the air filter, calming music, and a soothing pleasant decor all help.

Patients are also offered Rescue Remedy, a squeeze ball or an iPod, and homoeopathic or complementary remedies.

Anxiety around their dental visits usually means that someone is likely to be anxious in a number of other situations in life. This can be deep-rooted and due to past experiences, or stem from the feeling of not being in control. Whatever the cause it is beneficial to deal with any anxiety before commencing treatment.
Before your next visit to the dentist, I would suggest you take a few moments to reflect on what makes you nervous. Once you understand the cause of your anxiety, you can communicate this to your dentist, and he or she will then be better equipped to help you overcome this.

Enjoy good dental health in 2016!!