Family Friendly is our middle name …

Our family of five has been attending Ravenscourt Holistic Dental Practice for 10 years, and this is the experience I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who is looking for a practice to meet all their dental needs.

Dr Batavia and his team are very professional and their work is always top quality. But what sets this practice aside is that you are always being made feel a part of the family, and that Dr Batavia always takes a long term view on the patient, and would never recommend a treatment unless it's the right time to do it. My mother in law received some orthodontic work, and recently had never dentures made, which she is very pleased with. Our kids love seeing Dr Batavia on whose advice we have introduced 'sweet' days in our family (kids are only allowed sweets on certain days).

Even though no one wants to see a dentist too often, it you need to (and for your regular check-ups), this is a place to go.

Tanya Kuznetsova