Amalgams Away!! Why Amalgam removal is important for some people and why it is important to carry out the treatment safely.

This patient was very worried and concerned about the amalgam fillings in his mouth. He noticed that the fillings were causing numerous problems such as general anxiety, problems with his health and energy levels as well as with food. His fillings were also causing him to over salivate making his daily life quite uncomfortable.

He felt that the decision to replace the amalgam in his mouth was very beneficial to his health. Dr Batavia started by looking at his teeth and lifestyle as well as investigating the amalgam fillings.

The patient recalls that during the treatment there was no stress and everything was carried out professionally. He felt that our approach and care had been comforting and he was grateful we were able to help with his gag reflex. He was especially happy that a rubber dam was used to minimise the exposure to mercury, which may have become loose in the mouth.

Since the treatment, the patient very quickly noticed an uplift in general health, energy levels and his over salivation is under control.

Excuse the banner flying about in high winds in the window – National Smile month was in full swing!

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Amalgam Removal

Many people are now opting to have their amalgam fillings replaced by tooth-coloured composite resins due to personal preferences and also the aesthetic benefits. At Ravenscourt Dental Practice we can help replace amalgam fillings in a safe and professional manner.
The safe way to remove old fillings!