School & Nursery Presentations

IMG_4151As part our community outreach programme, we visit schools to help children of all ages understand the importance of good oral health, and to support the Health aspect of the school curriculum.

Our outreach programme has proven to be a success with many schools and we often get asked to run competitions, provide content for newsletters, and work with schools on unique projects, to further promote the message of good oral health to children of all ages.



We have educational, comprehensive and interactive presentations and talks to suit all age ranges:

Nursery & Pre-school (age 1-5) – “Good Food Bad Food Game & How to Brush Your Teeth”

  • Understand what foods are good or bad for teeth (an interactive game, using real foods)
  • Shown how to brush teeth properly
  • Children are encouraged to get involved and practice on a model of teeth
  • Understand what a dentist does

Primary: Age 5 - 11 years – "How to look after your teeth"

  • Overview of how many and the types of teeth we have, what they are used for.
  • A look at an intersection of a tooth to see what forms a tooth
  • Importance of diet - Foods which are healthy for your teeth and foods that can cause decay.
  • How cavities are caused and what happens to the teeth.
  • Introduces the Brush DJ app designed to help brush for 2 minutes
Dr Batavia and Mr P Stubbings (Headmaster at Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School).

Dr Batavia and Mr P Stubbings (Headmaster at Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School).

Secondary: Age 11 - 15 years - "Caring for your teeth"

  • An advanced look into oral health for teenagers
  • Covers the correct ways to brush teeth and floss.
  • Discusses the two most common problems in oral health and how to avoid them.
  • Looks into the effects of smoking, alcohol and stress.
  • Braces – what to expect!
  • Introduces Brush DJ app

Sixth Formers – “Careers in Dentistry”

  • A talk covering all aspects of a career in dentistry and educational requirements.

With each visit, we also provide dental themed goody bags for all the children with a letter to the parents.

When we have permission we do like to take photos of the presentation as it helps us promote our community outreach programme. We are happy to work with individual schools’ policies, for example some only allow pictures of the back of the head.