Holistic Methods

If you are Nervous our Holistic treatments can help.  

Dental worries are something we all have from time to time but did you know they can be reduced with the use of holistic treatments?

Holistic dentistry works by caring for a patient’s overall health and wellbeing instead of focusing solely on the teeth and gums.

At Ravenscourt Dental Practice we are experienced in using holistic treatments and work closely with our patients to help them feel relaxed, calm and comfortable.

When a patient has their first appointment with us we ask them to fill in a questionnaire outlining any worries they may have about their dental visits.

During each visit we discuss the patient’s treatment plan, making sure they fully understand every aspect of the process.  

We offer a vast array of homeopathic and complementary remedies which can help keep patients calm and make sure their dental visit is enjoyable.

Simple changes to the practice environment such as playing soothing music, introducing relaxing lavender oil, and teaching breathing techniques can all help a patient to unwind.

Even unpleasant procedures can be carried out in a sympathetic way to reduce unpleasant sensations.  We can even reduce drilling and other noises if this helps a patient stay calm.  

We believe that our holistic philosophy will enable even the most nervous patient to feel relaxed and at ease while they are having dental treatment.  We have even helped people  lose their fear of dentists completely.

Do you think our holistic approach would be of benefit to you? Call us on 020 8748 4023 to speak to one of our helpful team, or email: team@rdpholistic.co.uk.