How gum disease affects your health

How gum disease can affect your health

Most medical professionals now agree that there is real evidence showing strong links between our dental health and overall wellbeing.

Having good oral hygiene has never been more important with serious gum issues now linked to heart disease, diabetes and many general health difficulties.

Gum disease is also the major reason why people need to see a dentist regularly.

It is important to maintain the health of your gums, as they cover and protect the bone, which in turn holds the tooth in place. Infection in the gums causes inflammation and this can make the tooth loose.  Infection can also erode the bone.  If left untreated this could mean you lose the tooth completely.

This is why at Ravenscourt Dental Practice we believe in a holistic approach to dentistry, looking after your overall health and not just the teeth and gums.

Seeing your dentist and the hygienist regularly and having a good brushing and flossing technique can make a real difference to your health today and in the long term.

If you notice bleeding when you brush or floss your teeth, it is important to contact your dentist.

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