How Bridges Work

How Bridges Work

We understand how a tooth lost due to accident or dental extraction, can damage not only your self-confidence but also your dental health.

mindgap_It is important to fill the gap left by a missing tooth as quickly as possible to avoid the natural drifting of the teeth.

A bridge provides the perfect solution for someone with a missing tooth and the different types of bridges available allow your dentist to choose the perfect treatment for you.

A fixed bridge is when one tooth on either side of the gap is used to support an artificial tooth, preventing the teeth from moving and helping to maintain your bite.

An adhesive bridge is when metal wings are stuck to one of the neighboring teeth, so the missing tooth is suspended. This treatment is often used for front teeth to help you look your best and aid speech, without damaging the tooth structure.  Adhesive bridges are often used as short term solutions.

For a more reliable, long term option many people prefer to have a tooth on either side of the space trimmed down and covered with a crown or even invest in a dental implant.

Our specialists will give you a thorough examination and advise you on the best dental treatment option for you.

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