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Ravenscourt Dental Practice Lunch and Learn courses are provided by our team of specialists. See below for our current topics & booking form...

Lunch & Learn (1 hour CPD) Presented by Dr. Luigi Nibali, Specialist Periodontist

In conjunction with Ravenscourt Dental Dr. Nibali will be offering 3 topics (1 hour Verifiable CPD each) as lunchtime learning sessions at your practice for you and your team:

  1. 'Peri-implantitis: prevention, diagnosis and treatment protocols'
    Peri-implantitis & peri-implant mucositis are emerging diseases affecting a large proportion of dental implants. Being relatively ‘new’ diseases, researchers & clinicians are striving to find solutions for the prevention & treatment of both. I will review current knowledge on predisposing factors & aetiology as well as preventative & management protocols for peri-implant diseases.
  2. ‘Extract or treat? Periodontally compromised teeth and long-term maintenance’
    I will review example cases to discuss if and how periodontally compromised teeth could be maintained beyond 10-20 years. Treatment & maintenance protocols will be discussed and ways to achieve long-term stable periodontal conditions will be suggested.
  3. ‘The molar furcation: a periodontal dilemma’
    How important is it to diagnose a furcation involvement in a molar? Can we treat it and how? This talk will briefly provide an evidence-based overview of diagnosis and treatment of periodontal involvement of furcated molars. Therapeutic options will be discussed and illustrated with clinical cases.


Slots available (between 1-2pm):

26 Mar 2019   

23 Apr 2019                          


Please do phone us at your earliest opportunity to reserve a slot that suits you and your team. You can also call us to book on 020 8748 4023.

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