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Living With Sensitive Teeth: The Causes

Do you struggle with the ongoing pain of sensitive teeth? Are you unsure of how and why your sensitive teeth have become such an issue? No one should be forced to live with pain and discomfort, no matter where the problem lies. It can certainly be disheartening when you suffer from severe tooth sensitivity despite…
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Diabetes and Dental Health

Did you know that diabetes has a serious impact on dental health?  We are going to explore the problems that can arise in the mouth and how a dentist can help someone with diabetes. There is a plethora of advice on diet, exercise and complementary therapies that may help someone with diabetes control the disease…
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Gingivitis – tongue twister or tooth trouble?!

Gingivitis!! If you aren’t sure how to pronounce the word let alone what it means look no further….. we demystify the word and the condition. Pronounced “jin-juh-vahy-tis” according to - It originates from the Latin noun “gingival” meaning gum and “itis” meaning inflammation of the gums. So what is it?! Dr Batavia explains “Gingivitis…
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