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7 Things your Mouth says about your Health – Oral cancer

Day 7: Your dentist sees lesions at the very back of your mouth This could be a sign of oral cancer, and therefore extremely important that your dentist regularly checks the soft tissues in your mouth for signs like lesions. Dr Batavia : “I routinely check for any changes in the soft tissues of the…
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7 Things your mouth says about your Health – Dry Mouth

Day 6: Your dentist notices that your mouth is really very dry… Could your medications be giving you a dry mouth? Or stress? Or an auto-immune condition that affects the moisture producing glands in the body, however this is most commonly diagnosed in people over 40 and usually women. . Your dentist will ask you…
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7 Things your Mouth says about your Health – Childrens Dental Health

Day 5: Wibbly, wobbly teeth and other small problems….childrens dental health Childrens dental health often involves spotting signs of small problems - caused by dietary or other habits like sucking dummies or thumbs or fingers! All of these affect the growth of their teeth. These habits can also affect the way their teeth meet and…
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7 Things your Mouth says about your Health – Toothwear

Day 4 : Your dentist notices that some of your teeth are being worn down This reveals more than you think as stress can take its toll in many ways. “As part of a normal thorough check-up the dentist will notice the amount of tooth wear present” says Dr Batavia. He continues “Lack of proper…
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