Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you would like further information or have additional questions, please call us on 020 8748 4023, or email team@rdpholistic.co.uk.

I’d like an amalgam filling replaced safely ….

Our role is to carry this out in a safe manner:

  • Carry out an initial assessment & prepare a personalised treatment plan
  • Agree on a protocol, following certain steps to safeguard optimum health throughout the process
  • Ensure safe removal of the amalgam filling & replacement restoration to fulfill your needs
  • Work with your nutritionist or health practitioner to help you achieve optimum benefits
  • Dr Hitesh Batavia is registered with the British Society for Mercury Free Dentistry 

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I haven’t been to a dentist for years because I am too nervous....

As a patient focused practice the goal of our holistic approach is to help you achieve and maintain a healthy mouth, in a relaxed and friendly environment.  We are very aware that some patients suffer real anxieties when visiting the dentist.  By taking the time to understand your anxieties, we can:

  • Suggest a variety of techniques to relax you
  • Incorporate homeopathic remedies and music to help you stay relaxed through the treatment

Download our Smile Check and Nervous Patient questionnaires so that we can determine the best way to help you. Or ask the receptionist for the questionnaires when you get here!

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I’d like an implant to replace my missing tooth….

Implants are now more readily available and affordable than ever before, and have transformed the lives of many patients.

With advances in modern dentistry and technology we are able to offer implants that could help you maintain a natural looking and healthy smile.

As an alternative to traditional; crowns, bridges and dentures, dental implants can:

  • Alleviate the pain of wearing a denture
  • Allow you to return to a fully functioning bite and chew and eat confidently

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What does Holistic dentistry offer?

Our philosophy promotes your total dental health and wellbeing, putting you in charge. Our holistic approach to dentistry means we recognise the importance of treating our patients as individuals, not simply examining their teeth and gums.

With increasing evidence proving that various diseases which begin in the mouth, such as gum disease and abscesses, can cause illnesses elsewhere in the body, the holistic approach has never been more important.

This is why Dr Hitesh Batavia has incorporated his many years of experience to offer patients the widest possible range of dental treatments and care, supplemented by complementary homeopathic remedies, whenever appropriate.

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I have a special occasion in a few weeks, how can I achieve a brighter smile quickly?

Achieving a whiter, brighter, more confident smile in time for that special occasion or to simply feel good could not be easier with advances in Cosmetic dentistry!

One of the following treatments may be all you need to achieve the smile and confidence you are looking for:

Download our Smile Check  questionnaire so that we can determine the best way to help you, or ask the receptionist when you get here!

I’d like straighter teeth but am not sure which option would be best…

We all want our smile to be attractive and welcoming, as well as having the confidence to eat whatever we would like to.

The range of options is now vast and you can choose either conventional braces or "invisible" braces:

  • Using the latest technology we are able to determine the very best cosmetic solutions
  • You can see the potential results when using invisible braces
  • You can choose your ideal smile

Download our Smile Check and Orthodontic questionnaires so that we can determine the best way to help you, or ask the receptionist when you get here!

I’d like a brighter smile, and whiter teeth.…

Everything we eat or drink can affect the colour of our teeth including tea, coffee and red wine. Foods containing strong colourings can also stain and discolour our tooth enamel.

Also as we age the dentine below the tooth enamel changes colour and can become more yellow creating an overall ageing effect:

  • Whitening your teeth is a safe procedure when carried out by a dentist
  • An assessment is carried out to establish the nature of your tooth discolouration
  • The dentist will discuss the options and the process of our whitening method
  • The result will be a natural looking, happy and more confident smile.

Download our Smile Check questionnaire so that we can determine the best way to help you, or ask the receptionist when you get here!

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My teeth are occasionally sensitive ...

Teeth can become sensitive for a variety of reasons and the dentist will quickly be able to establish whether your sensitivity is due to an underlying dental problem, or whether we can help you manage your sensitivity with appropriate oral care and advice.

Download our Smile Check questionnaire so that we can determine the best way to help you, or ask the receptionist when you get here!

My breath has poor odour…

The benefits of regular visits to our hygienist will ensure you maintain a good oral hygiene regime, this will then help you control poor odour, as well as preserve your natural teeth for longer.
Our hygienist will show you how to:

  • Minimise the damage caused by plaque formation
  • Adopt and maintain appropriate brushing techniques
  • Clean and maintain the spaces between your teeth
  • Use a variety of inter-dental products
  • Working closely with you our hygienist will recommend an oral hygiene programme that will meet your needs, and keep you motivated.

My time is precious, can I have a tooth fully restored in the same day?

The simple answer is ‘Yes’.

Being aware of the demands of juggling a hectic working schedule, family life and childcare, we have invested in a CEREC crown system. We are equipped to be able to fully restore a tooth back to full function in only one visit.

Some advantages of the CEREC crown system are:

  • Eliminates the need for conventional silicone impressions
  • Eliminates the need for temporary crowns to be fitted
  • CEREC crowns are manufactured in-house whilst you wait
  • The whole procedure is completed in one appointment

The CEREC process reduces the long waiting period and the need of additional appointments to have the crown finally fitted.  You would first need a consultation with the dentist to establish what your needs are.

I’m concerned about the cost of dental treatment …

We constantly review our fees to ensure we remain competitively priced without compromising our outstanding level of care and attention to detail.

Having listened to patients who wanted to be able to budget for the general health and maintenance of their family's teeth, we have carefully tailored adults and children's cost effective monthly care plans that could give you the peace of mind in knowing that these costs are taken care of.  Our team are happy to take the time to discuss the best options to suit you and your family.

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