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Child patient at the dentist Day 5: Wibbly, wobbly teeth and other small problems….childrens dental health

Childrens dental health often involves spotting signs of small problems - caused by dietary or other habits like sucking dummies or thumbs or fingers! All of these affect the growth of their teeth. These habits can also affect the way their teeth meet and therefore the growth of their jaws.

Dr Batavia comments “I often see white spots on the teeth which indicates the consistent presence of sugar in the child’s diet. If that continues it can give rise to decay.

Moreover, treating children’s teeth for decay is not always as simple as treating adults! Therefore you really want to use the motto "prevention is better than cure" to safeguard childrens'dental health.

So seeing all these little things can help guide parents as to what changes they need to make and it’s important to talk to the dentist about this.”

If a child’s teeth and jaw does not develop normally, this can mean more orthodontic treatments later in life. Often these irregularities are caused by sucking thumbs, fingers or dummies.

Being able to see the signs early means measures can be taken to encourage the child to give that up.

Another good reason to bring your children to the dentist early is that a positive experience of the dental practice will reduce anxiety about visiting the dentist. Regular visits will mean less costs in the long run.

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Dr Batavia’s approach is “to try and treat children like adults and speak directly to them and give direct advice. Children often respond positively and take the advice and which results in better dental health for the rest of their lives.”

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