7 Things your Mouth says about your Health – Toothwear

A check-upDay 4 : Your dentist notices that some of your teeth are being worn down

This reveals more than you think as stress can take its toll in many ways.

“As part of a normal thorough check-up the dentist will notice the amount of tooth wear present” says Dr Batavia.

He continues “Lack of proper sleep, stress, jaw and tooth grinding, jaw clenching are all causes of excessive toothwear. It’s important to take time to find out the reasons and to make changes to alleviate stress. Awareness and controlling these responses to stress are possible during the day, and at night I recommend using mouthguards.”

You may not consciously realise how stressed you are, although it is taking its toll on your body. Some people will end up with flattened teeth. Jaw clenching can lead to severe damage of the tissue in the joint that connects your jaw to the rest of your skull.

Help is at hand : your dentist can help by fitting you for a protective device like a mouth guard to use at night to minimise the damage. Because this is fitted for you it is quite comfortable and most patients get used to wearing them within a week or so.

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