7 Things your Mouth says about your Health – tongue and cheek!

Tongue cleanersDay 3: stick your tongue out at the dentist – believe us it’s really not for fun!

What this could reveal … the health of your immune system! If there are white patches on your tongue or inner cheek it could point to an overall health issue.

Dr Batavia says “oral thrush (overgrowth of candida) causing white patches on your tongue or in your mouth signal that your immune system is a bit under the weather. Candida exists in our bodies all the time, but it is kept in check by a healthy immune system.”

There can be so many reasons why you may develop thrush, for example if you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation , or have HIV, or are taking a course of antibiotics or using corticosteroids for a condition like asthma .

Next step: Your dentist will recommend seeing your doctor, who may prescribe an antifungal medication or other appropriate medication to help you clear away the patches.