7 Things your Mouth says about your Health – Oral cancer

Facial Nerve painDay 7: Your dentist sees lesions at the very back of your mouth

This could be a sign of oral cancer, and therefore extremely important that your dentist regularly checks the soft tissues in your mouth for signs like lesions.

Dr Batavia : “I routinely check for any changes in the soft tissues of the mouth at every check-up. Any lesions or abnormalities are noted and then examined to see if it is worth investigating further. The earlier we can detect such abnormalities the better and also the chances of being able to treat it well. It is important to remember that sometimes this is oral cancer but not always.”

Tip: Any good dentist will do these checks for oral cancer as part of your 6 monthly check-ups.

For further information on oral cancer: http://www.mouthcancer.org