7 Things your mouth says about your Health – Dry Mouth

Lady who is nervous of the dentistDay 6: Your dentist notices that your mouth is really very dry…

Could your medications be giving you a dry mouth? Or stress?

Or an auto-immune condition that affects the moisture producing glands in the body, however this is most commonly diagnosed in people over 40 and usually women. .

Your dentist will ask you about any medication you may be taking that lists dry mouth as a side effect e.g antihistamines, and he will also check if you are also experiencing dry eyes.

The reason why it is important not to ignore a lack of saliva in the mouth is that this can ultimately lead to tooth decay in the mouth as well as have other detrimental effects in other parts of your body.

Dr Batavia stresses “Saliva is so important to lubricate the mouth. It automatically clears things from the mouth, and washes bacteria away, as well as having various anti-bacterial properties. Having a dry mouth consistently gives rise to a huge amount of dental difficulties and the patient may find it difficult to chew. “

Action to take: The dentist will suggest you get your doctor to give you a referral to a rheumatologist.