Bridges - the perfect option to replace a missing tooth

When a tooth is lost to an accident or dental treatment, it can cause a great deal of distress and can be very damaging to someone’s self-confidence.

A missing tooth cDental bridges an pose real dental health problems as the surrounding teeth can move position in a short period of time, potentially ruining the aesthetics of a smile.

A dramatic change in tooth position can also cause problems with the bite or gums that can be expensive and time-consuming to correct later. A bridge can be an ideal solution to a missing tooth.

Bridges are fixed restorations which  hold an artificial tooth in place by linking to adjacent teeth. They are usually made of a precious metal base, giving them a solid structure and making them hard-wearing.

The main advantages of having a bridge are:

You can smile with confidence;

You are able to eat and drink well ;

Your confidence is restored;

Most importantly your other teeth will not move around;

Very convenient as you only require 2-3 visits over a few weeks.

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