Ravenscourt Prices

Ravenscourt Prices

  from August 2017
New Patient Consultation £65.00
Children’s check-up  £45.00
Same day consultation (emergency appointment) £65.00
Consultation for advanced (specialist) treatments  from £115.00
Hygienist (per visit) from £76.00
Dentist Clean from £82.00
Composite Fillings (white) from £125.00
Crowns from £780.00
Tooth Whitening from £430.00
Small x-ray £15.00 (each)
Panoramic x-ray (large) £59.00
Out of hours emergency call out £95.00 - £195.00

New patient information: We will require payment at the time of booking for all initial consultations with our general dentists.

Adults Monthly Payment Plan

Children's Monthly Payment Plan


Access to records

  • Patients can have access to view the original of their records free of charge.
  • Please request copies of your records in writing (email us at team@rdpholistic.co.uk). You have the right to obtain a free copy of your patient records, we will supply these to you within one month of receiving your written request.

Children's Appointments T&Cs

When treating young children at Ravenscourt Dental we need consent from a parent or someone with "parental responsibility". This could be:

  • the child's mother or father
  • the child's legally appointed guardian
  • a person with a residence order concerning the child
  • a local authority designated to care for the child
  • a local authority or person with an emergency protection order for the child

Consent can be given in person along with a letter.

We pride ourselves on making dental visits fun and a happy experience for all the children who come here. However in some cases, for various reasons a child may not allow treatment. If we are unable to carry out the treatment as booked, due to a child being uncooperative, then there is a fee of £75 to cover for the time booked.