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About Ravenscourt Dental Practice

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Ravenscourt Dental, an award winning practice in West London offers holistic dentistry and the full range of advanced dental treatments under one roof.

With over 30 years of experience as a dentist, Dr Hitesh Batavia of Ravenscourt Dental Practice wanted to establish a practice to offer his unique holistic approach to dentistry combined with advanced specialist treatments all under one roof.

So what do we do?  A full range of general and advanced dental treatments with a holistic approach, taking into account each individual’s lifestyle and health, offering complementary remedies when appropriate.

Our specialists provide treatment to combat gum disease, resolve problems with a multi-disciplinary approach, an array of cosmetic dentistry options, as well as care for children’s teeth.

Having been part of our community in West London for over 20 years, we value the partnerships we have built with schools & nurseries, neighbourhood centres and our local churches.

Over the years we have been thrilled to win awards including “Highly Commended” for Best Specialist Practice in the Private Dentistry Awards 2014 & “Winner of Best Children’s Dental Health Initiative” at the Dental Hygiene & Therapy Awards 2015.

Most recently we were voted “Best Hammersmith Business” in the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham Brilliant Business Awards!


From checkups to treatments, you will be treated in a relaxing, caring and professional manner at award winning Ravenscourt Dental Practice . We offer the correct treatment plans and empower you to take charge of your own oral health. We can help you to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile
Preventative dentistry means less trips to the dentist, less expense, and less painful treatments. The key to maintaining a healthy white smile is to prevent dental problems or deal with them promptly. Preventative dentistry involves working with your dental practitioner to avoid oral health issues before they even start.
Many of us are still unaware of the benefits of seeing a dental hygienist. Dental hygienists play a vital role in preventative dentistry, helping people to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss in adults but it can be avoided with the right oral health routine.
Worrying about the dentist can lead to people avoiding appointments and only seeking treatment when they are in pain. This means they only ever associate their dentist with a negative experience, often missing subsequent appointments for fear of having to undergo further treatment. If this sounds familiar, don’t despair!
Are you concerned about the appearance of your smile? Do you try to avoid being photographed? Many people suffer in silence over dental problems caused by crooked or missing teeth. It is never too late to perfect your smile to achieve the smile you have always wanted.
Prevent gum disease, the number one cause of tooth loss and keep your gums healthy with the right oral health regime. A persistent build-up of plaque is the major cause of gum disease and this can be spotted during regular check-ups. Early detection and treatment is vital to prevent more advanced gum problems.
Have you lost a tooth in an accident or due to dental extraction? We understand the distress and embarrassment this can cause. Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, in most cases, it is easy to restore a natural looking and healthy smile with the use of dental implants.
We have a variety of non-surgical rejuvenation treatments to brighten up your appearance and help you look fresher and younger. These non-invasive methods can be safely administered by a medically trained dental professional, giving you peace of mind. Perfect for a special occasion or to maintain your smile!